A time to hold on: A time to let go

Nature has many lessons for us if we only take time to notice and listen. Yesterday I was reminded of what a tree can tell and teach us. There is a little tree out my window that, although I watch throughout the year, I don’t actually focus on. However, yesterday it spoke to me in a new way. The tree appears to simultaneously be letting go of her dead leaves and holding on to some beautiful ones. Most have gently fallen, but I couldn’t help wondering if she is intentionally clinging desperately to the remaining beautiful red ones. Possibly she is hoping (like many of us) that winter will not actually arrive this year and she will stay dressed and warm. However, past experience indicates that, the tree has no choice, winter will arrive, the temperature will drop, the winds will blow, and the red leaves will fall.

IMG_6495We, however, may have more control than the tree. As Thanksgiving approaches it is a good time to take note of that tree and its possible message. Are we holding on to what is important or are we clinging to what should be let go? Are we letting go of what should be discarded or are we discarding what deserves clinging? For many of us, life is full and we don’t always take time to reflect, but as we sit around the Thanksgiving table, along with giving thanks, it might be healthy to pause and make sure that our “holding on” and our “letting go” are in synch with our beliefs, hopes and dreams, and that we are not letting the whim of the winds make decisions for us, as it does my little tree.

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