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Meah Graduation Talk

Two weeks ago I was honored to give a talk about my Meah experience at the Hebrew College Meah graduation. Here are excerpts from my words.  Bottom line, I am very excited and optimistic about the future of Judaism. If … Continue reading

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Why is this year different?

For as long as I can remember (and even longer as evidenced through old photos!) I have sat around a table the first night of Pesach with a large group of family. From the small dining room at my grandparents’ … Continue reading

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Wrapped in my Mom’s Warm Winter Coat

As my mom’s 8th (how could that possibly be?) Yartzeit surrounds me (due to the significant difference between the Hebrew and English calendars this year) I find myself thinking about what we take and what we leave behind when someone … Continue reading

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A renewed appreciation of bald Rabbis

The week between Christmas and New Years reminds me a bit of the days between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. Time removed from other time. Time of reflection. Time of taking stock. Today I am thinking about Rabbis. Growing up, … Continue reading

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September Magic

  Last Shabbat I fell asleep to the voice of Julie Silver singing the words  “L’Dor V’Dor: Fom Generation to Generation” in my ear.   I woke up to those same sounds on Saturday morning.  The odd thing about it was … Continue reading

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Back to School Isn’t Only for Kids!

As I sit on the porch in New Hampshire with the sun shining and the pond glistening through the trees in the distance, fall feels very far away. If only there was a way to slow down time.  (So far … Continue reading

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The Ice Cream Cone Approach to Youth Engagement.

Recently, my Facebook and Twitter feeds have been full of stories and photos of campers and counselors getting ready for their return to camp, their trip to Israel or their adventure with a service-learning program. I am so happy for … Continue reading

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